Lent 2018: A Journey Home

Take your congregation on a journey this lenten season to explore that we are all spiritual refugees, journeying home to our Father in Heaven. Each of us is called to turn around in the midst of a broken and hurting world and travel in the wilderness as we seek the God who is calling us. Jesus teaches us through example and lessons what is expected of us as we journey home to Him.

Safe Water for Mayan Communities in Guatemala

Maria Santos Baquiax, a young married mother of two, lives in the Santa Apolonia area of Guatemala. Laden with two heavy jugs and a baby strapped to her back, she often walked 12 times a day to collect water for her family. Although the water was contaminated, Maria used it for cooking, laundry, and personal hygiene.

Today, thanks to a partnership between the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) and Asociación Bienestar Progreso Desarollo (ABPD), Maria and other Mayan families now enjoy safe water at home and a better life as a result.


Protests for Dreamers Lead to Arrests

United Methodists were among hundreds arrested on the steps of the U.S. Capitol as they demonstrated in support of the DREAM Act.

Some 2,000 young immigrants and their supporters converged on Washington on Dec. 6 to rally congressional support for legislation that would protect the immigrants — commonly known as “Dreamers” — from deportation. Altogether, some 11,000 participated in marches for the DREAM Act around the country as part of the day of action.


Prayers for Peace Lifting Zimbabwe

A new president in Zimbabwe after 37 years of what many called “a government of tyranny” is bringing hope said some United Methodists who are closely watching from inside the country. “President Emmerson Mnangagwa is a hard-working leader. He is a hands-on person. That is what the country needs at this point in time,” said United Methodist Bishop Eben Nhiwatiwa, episcopal leader in Zimbabwe. “I was privileged to be one of those among the leaders of the church who shook hands with the president at his inauguration ceremony on Friday, Nov. 24.