Bishops, Agency Respond to #MeToo Movement

As allegations of sexual misconduct rock the U.S. from the sets of Hollywood to the halls of Washington, United Methodist leaders acknowledge that the church also has seen such abuses of power.

In a joint statement released Jan. 23, the Council of Bishops and the Commission on the Status and Role of Women “strongly encourage and support the reporting of sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment allegations within the church.”


United Methodist Bishops Condemn President Trump’s “Offensive” Remarks Against Immigrants

 WASHINGTON, D.C. - We are appalled by the offensive, disgusting words attributed to President Donald Trump who is said to have referred to immigrants from African countries and Haiti, and the countries themselves, in an insulting and derogative manner. According to various media accounts, President Trump made the remarks during a White House discussion with lawmakers on immigration.
As reported, President Trump’s words are not only offensive and harmful, they are racist.


Praying Our Way Forward: For the Mission of the Church

For the Mission of the Church: 

Missionary God, You relentlessly pursue us for relationship. You unceasingly love us. Send us with faith, courage and compassion into the world as both sign and invitation of the transforming relationship available to all through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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Praying Our Way Forward: For General Conference Delegates

For General Conference Delegates: 

Holy triune God, Your very nature is connection, communion and mission. Guide and strengthen the delegates to the 2019 General Conference to become an incarnate sign of your nature and so model it before the whole Church. Strengthen them in body, mind and spirit for the work that lies ahead. Quicken all of their sensibilities. Amen.


Praying Our Way Forward: For the Bishops of the Church

For the Bishops of the Church: 

O God, Bishop of our souls, we pray today for the bishops of The United Methodist Church. They are charged to lead, model and serve. Give them each and all the heart of a shepherd, the courage of a prophet and the zeal of an evangelist. Strengthen their arms that they might hold the whole, and so equip your church to “serve the present age.” Amen.


Praying Our Way Forward: For the members of The Commission On A Way Forward

For the members of  The Commission On A Way Forward:

Gracious God, We give you thanks for these thy servants who seek to serve us all through this labor of study, prayer, discernment and design. Help them one and all to see each other, the church and the world you love so much. Give them patience, wisdom, insight and creativity to see what has not yet been. We pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.


Praying Our Way Forward: For the Week

For the Week: 

Revealing God, as the Star of Bethlehem guided the wise of long ago to the light of the world, Jesus Christ, so guide your church in this season by the light of your love to glorify you, engage the mission and serve our neighbors. We pray this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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How an Immigrant Family Found Room at the Inn

“Who will give lodging to these pilgrims who are weary of traveling the roads?”

As a child in Mexico City, Elizabeth recited a version of this line every year at Christmastime.

She and her neighbors — decked out as a sort of mobile Nativity scene — marched down their block re-enacting the search for room in the inn.

The children knocked on doors and could expect at least a few rejections before finally a neighbor welcomed them inside. There, they enjoyed a party featuring delicious food, warm camaraderie and a piñata ready to burst with candy.