New Missionary Comes to West Ohio

Anna is a native of Texas and an ordained deacon of the Rio Texas Annual Conference, having been consecrated in 2016. She has been preparing for mission service since she was a summer Mission Intern with Global Ministries in Cookson, OK, in 2008. After graduation from Texas Lutheran University, with a Bachelor of Music degree in church music, she spent a little more than a year as a missionary with the Colegio Metodista in San Jose, Costa Rica.


United Methodist Women Urged to Boldly Change the World

“Sisters, we are the bold energy of God,” Harriett Jane Olson said to more than 6,000 United Methodist Women who had spent three days listening and learning to harness the power of bold.

Olson, top executive of United Methodist Women, was speaking at the final session of the 2018 Assembly held May 18-20. “The Power of Bold” was the theme for gathering.

“I believe United Methodist Women is as needed today as it has ever been,” Olson said. “We are in a position to make a change; we are everywhere; and we are connected.”


United to Host 50th Anniversary Celebration for UMC

You are invited to celebrate the 50 years of The United Methodist Church at "Merging the Streams," a historical convocation at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, July 9-12. "Pietism, Transatlantic Revivalism, and the EUB Legacy in United Methodism" brings together the Historical Society of The United Methodist Church, the North Central Jurisdiction Commission on Archives and History, the Wesleyan Historical Society, the Charles Wesley Society, and the General Commission on Archives and History.