Church & Community Workers

Church & Community Workers are missionaries commissioned by the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church. Church & Community Workers often serve among the poor and marginalized in communities across the U.S.They work to take the Church into the community and bring the community into the Church. For more information on the Church & Community Worker program, visit the CCW page on the Global Ministries website.


Local Pastors Licensing School

A licensed local pastor has answered the call from God to serve the mission of Jesus Christ through the work of the local congregation in The United Methodist Church. Though not ordained, the licensed local pastor performs all the duties of a pastor, including proclamation of the Word; leading worship; administering the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion; the services of marriage; burial; confirmation; and membership reception, within and while appointed to a particular charge or extension ministry. 


Leadership Sub Page

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For information about MIV mission and ministry grants, contact the Team Leader,jon.ferguson [at] ( )cedarman34 [at] (J)jon.ferguson [at] (on Ferguson).


Our greatest asset in Miami Valley is our people. Our churches are filled with some of the most devoted and faithful laity and clergy. We on the District Staff want to only continue to be aggressive in developing the most beneficial opportunities for our mutual support and benefit.  Thanks be to God for the laborers who serve every day with integrity and heart in the Jesus harvest and movement.

Ordained Ministry

Are you wondering about next steps in church leadership? Are you interested in Certified Lay Minister, Licensed Local Pastor, Ordination as a Deacon or Elder? Do you feel called to a ministry in the church but you are not certain where?