Max's Story

Hello, my name is Maxim Kvyatkovskiy, I am 21 years old and I'd like to share my story with you.

I’m from Russia; my mother is a Muslim and my father is a non-practicing Christian. We are a very strong and happy family; my younger sister and I were taught to be honest, responsible and respectful. We’ve grown up surrounded by the love of my mother and strictness of my father, and we grew up in a family where the questions of religion or worship had never been raised.


Tola's Story

My name is Tola Seng. I’m from Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I just turned 24 years old in October. I was born in a refugee camp on the Thai border to a single mother who, by God’s grace, was able to raise my sisters and me on her own. I grew up watching my mother struggle to earn money to support us, and I always wished I could grow up faster so that I could find a job and help her. My mother became a Christian when we were in the refugee camp, and when peace finally returned to our home country with the first free elections in 1993, she went to work as a cook at Phnom Penh Bible School.


Missionary Kids go to Camp

By Mariellyn Dunlap Grace

For many children in the United States, church camp is a rite of passage, a summer-time tradition. Not so for missionary kids like Nicole and Michelle Gitobu, who live in Cambodia in Southeast Asia. This summer, however, while their mother, Missionary Esther Gitobu, itinerated to various churches in West Ohio, Nicole (age 14) and Michelle (age 11) were gifted with the opportunity of attending Camp Otterbein in the Hocking Hills of Ohio.


Meet Your Missionaries: B. & E. Barte

By Mariellyn Dunlap Grace

E. Barte never expected to marry a missionary, let alone become one. Growing up in the Philippines, E. was, in his own words, a very ‘active’ young adult. “When the pastor came to lead Bible study at my house, I would escape from the house to play basketball with my friends,” E. recalls. But after meeting his future wife, then a student deaconess, his life would quickly change.


Grove City UMC Builds Church in Vietnam

“I’d rather attempt to do something great and fail—than attempt to do nothing and succeed.” -Anonymous

“If you can believe it, YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT” -W. Clement Stone

“If you can dream it, YOU CAN DO IT!” -Robert Schuller

“If you’ve got the faith, GOD’S GOT THE POWER!” -Corrie Ten Boom

“If you have faith…NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!” -Jesus Christ

"Dennis, do you have your passport? You are going with me to Vietnam in February!" -Joseph Bishman (Sept/09)


2007 Trinity UMC-Syzran Trip

What a privilege it was for me to travel to the Russia Volga District with a wonderful group of young people representing Trinity United Methodist Church. It was such a joy to be in mission together uniting with our Russian brothers and sisters of Syzran United Methodist Church.

There were so many “light-filled” moments on this trip, but the experience that touched me so deeply was our visit to the Syzran Baby Orphanage. This translated from Russian to English as the “house of baby,” and we embraced this dear terminology throughout our stay.