Endowment Program

Endowment Brochure

The Endowment Program assures local churches, individuals and other affiliated United Methodist organizations that their funds are receiving professional investment management.

This program creates an opportunity to place endowment funds with the Council on Development for investment, administration and accounting purposes. The The Endowment Program offers the possibility of maximizing investment returns and minimizing investment expenses.


Stewardship as a Lifestyle

Stewardship is too frequently equated with the annual commitment campaign to underwrite the local church operations. The Biblical message is that stewardship is a lifestyle. Stewardship means "manage." We are called, as followers of Christ, to "manage" all the gifts placed into our lives, including time, talents, spiritual gifts, relationships, creation, income and assets. 


Breakthrough Ministry Movement

In 2011, the members of the West Ohio Annual Conference launched a Breakthrough Ministry Movement at the Annual Conference Session in June.

Thousands of West Ohio United Methodists are praying daily for God to unleash new life in their churches. Thousands are praying daily to be unbound and empowered for joyful, fruitful mission and evangelism. Thousands are praying daily for the Holy Spirit to transform and boldly use them, without limits or reservations, to reach and make new disciples of Jesus Christ and change the world.



Please contact RaNae Street, Director of Discipleship Resources for information about resources available for your church concerning discipleship, small groups, Safe Sanctuaries and lay servant ministries.

RaNae Street
Director of  Discipleship Resources
614-844-6200 x325
rstreet [at]