VIM Team Leader Training

Saturday, September 21, 2013 - 9:00am to 3:30pm
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West Ohio Conference Center
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32 Wesley Boulevard Worthington, OH 43085

Come and learn how to organize and lead a mission team in Ohio, the United States or around the world. Join experienced team leaders to learn skills and information for planning and leading a mission team. This training will also look at the role of the Spiritual Guide and provide practical resources for nurturing the spiritual life of team members. When engaged in mission, it is important to intentionally use the serving experience as a tool for spiritual formation.

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Are you called to lead a team?

Mission at the Forefront

Every VIM trip to Nuevo Progreso is unique – different team members, different patients, and this year, different location. And yet despite the differences that each new year brings, it is the similarities of the trip that bring me back each year. My excitement and anticipation levels rise when the calendar page flips to August. I know that there will always be a new set of challenges, both devastating and wonderful. This year was no exception.


Filled to Overflowing

We’ve been in Syzran three days now, and I’m beginning to think these Russian women mean me harm. I’m the “good eater” of the group; Russian cuisine doesn’t bother me (even at the orphanage), and the women of the Syzran UMC have risen to the occasion. Again and again they fill my plate with all manner of food.  I do my best, but it just won’t stop. I keep thinking dinner is over, only to have someone appear from the kitchen with another heaping platter. “Russian tradition!” they shout, and pile it high again…


Disciples on the Same Journey

I still remember the first time I met Pastor Irina.  She was part of the Russia Delegation visiting the West Ohio Annual Conference to promote partnerships between the churches of West Ohio and the Volga District in Russia.  Although we met over six years ago, I clearly recall our first conversation.  It went something like this:  “Hello, my name is Irina.  I graduated from seminary in 2004.”  I responded, “Me too!”  I shared, “I was married shortly after graduation.”  Irina responded, “Me too!”  Irina said, “I am serving my first church.”  I exclaimed, “Me too!”  As I looked into my smilin