Mission Team Leaves for North Katanga

I would like to invite you to keep our North Katanga mission team in your prayers. There are 11 people meeting at the Columbus airport at 4:00 am Sunday to begin their journey to Kamina.  They will return on the17th. Team members represent three districts and four congregations. Their names are below. Knowing you are surround in prayer makes such a difference when you are leading and serving in mission. 

Pastors Attend Licensing School

At Maria Stein Spiritual Retreat Center, 50 United Methodists are gathered together for spiritual and practical training on their journey to become licensed local pastors for the West Ohio Conference. 

Today more than one-third of United Methodist churches across the denomination are served by local pastors and associate members, and that number is growing. The local pastor performs all the duties of a pastor but is authorized to do so only at his or her particular congregation, while the elder may perform the functions of a pastor anywhere.