Support United Methodist Missionaries in Nepal

When the 7.9-magnitude earthquake ripped through Nepal, killing thousands of people and devastating thousands more, United Methodist missionaries were already there, ready to assist this country in crisis. 

In fact, United Methodist missionaries have lived and worked alongside the people of Nepal for decades. They are all members of the communities affected by this catastrophe, and they are working together with these communities to navigate the road to recovery.


United Methodist Rural Advocates Meet in Worthington

The West Ohio Conference Center was the gathering place for 15 United Methodist Rural Advocates (UMRA) leaders from across the U.S. Attendees at the April 21-24 gathering in Worthington, Ohio came from Hawaii, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi, Minnesota, Missouri, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. While the calendar showed that we are technically in the season of Spring, the temperature was more reminiscent of late February.


Local Missionary Builds Relationships in Mexico

By Cathy Powell, Albany UMC

I've made it through my first month in Mexico, and it has been quite an experience. Our mission team from Albany UMC arrived on February 7th. We were given the task of removing a metal roof, electrical (already disconnected), and cinder block walls of a classroom at the Refugo de Paz church to make way for a new roof. I'm proud to say we accomplished the mission with help from Pastor Jose and parishioner Juan Morales! The team left on the 14th, but I will remain here until April 10th.