Update on Emergency Response in Wisconsin

On August 28, 2018, a number of tornadoes and high winds ripped across central Wisconsin, resulting in massive destruction and flooding. Up to 8 counties have been declared a State of Emergency and the clean up phase has just begun. Early Response Teams have been sent to Wisconsin to assist in the aftermath of the recent severe weather. The emergency coordinators are asking that only Team Leaders with teams ready to go reach out to them. They are working on getting host churches and locations, so right now lodging is limited.  

Ways you can respond:

  • Send donations to UMCOR U.S. Disaster Response Advance #901670.
  • Pray for those impacted by the storms as well as those providing response and relief.
  • Lead a team of trained ERT team members. 
  • Contact Kris Shoaf atkshoaf [at] ( )kshoaf [at] or 614-844-6200 for more information on scheduling a team or connecting with a team.