Table One Offers Meals for the Community

Table One in Kenton Feeds the Community

Table One is a ministry in Kenton, OH, seeking to reduce food insecurity by providing meals to both those who have and those who don't have - all in the same place. Founded by a United Methodist pastor, Table One aims to bring people together who in a typical day might not end up in the same room. Jeremy Mayo, one of Table One's volunteers, became acquainted with the ministry when, by his own admission, he was at the lowest point in his life. He was offered a meal and community and in return has decided to continue volunteering. Jeremy says, "I had a place to come where I wasn't judged and everyone spoke with me in a way that started my self-esteem on the path to where it is today. I choose to do my volunteer work here to this day. It gives me a chance as an individual to give back."


Their concept is:

"There are no prices on our menus. We embrace a “pay what you can afford” concept:

1. Pay what you can afford for your meal. If you are unable to pay, give your time with us in service as payment.

2. Pay something extra to “pay it forward” for someone currently unable to afford a meal.

3. Give your time in service to “pay it forward” for your neighbor to enjoy a meal.

Give and Take. Pay it Forward. Support your Community."


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