Kids Against Hunger Food Packaging Event

On a busy Saturday morning, March 19th, 126 volunteers from the Farmer and Ney churches in Northwest Ohio showed up to package 10,000 meals. The two churches, literally right down the road from each other, cross paths in all aspects of the community including school, work, being neighbors and relatives.  They share the same pastor, Ron Adkins.  They also share the same mission statement, “Loving, Sharing, and promoting a Godly life in our church, our community, and around the world.”  Sometimes they share resources in order to carry out that mission statement.When the Kids Against Hunger food packaging event was presented, both churches agreed this was another project to collaborate together once again. 

When both church’s Administrative Boards were presented with Kids Against Hunger, all were in agreement that Impact with Hope’s mission fit with the churches’ mission.  One of the best things is that a 3 year old standing on a step stool can scoop dehydrated vegetables, and a 99 year old can sit in a chair and seal the packages.  All ages and abilities can partake in this missionary project without travel.  People do not need to leave the country to serve internationally.  Both churches provided half the money to donate a total of $3,000 in order to package 10,000 meals- that’s 30 cents per meal!

25 food packets were put into buckets with lids.  Impact with Hope has found that buckets hold up to shipping and can be used in a multitude of ways once the meal packets have been used. 7 production lines packaged those meals in under one hour.  Each time a bucket was filled, the table rang their cow bell and rejoiced!  Philippians 4:4 “Rejoice in the Lord always, I will say again: Rejoice!” 

Kids Against Hunger is a humanitarian organization that partners with others to become satellite offices.  Every 6 seconds a child dies from starvation, and it indeed happens in the United States.  Food packages contain enough for 6 servings consisting of a rice and soy casserole with 21 essential vitamins and minerals, 6 dehydrated vegetables, and chicken flavoring.  In less than 30 minutes by adding the packet to boiling water, it is ready to serve. Since this is soy protein, many cultures find the packets culturally acceptable.  During the food packaging event, a meal packet was prepared for volunteers to sample with everyone commenting how good the casserole tasted.

Impact with Hope is based in Toledo, Ohio.  They are a satellite office for Kids Against Hunger, along with other community projects.  lists locations, so anyone searching can find a satellite office nearest to them.  More information about the program can be found on the website, including a food packet distribution list of over 60 countries as well as here in the United States.  The concept is simple and easy to organize:  obtain a goal on the number of meals to package, the event coordinator assists in every step of the way, raise money, get volunteers, find a space to package and that’s it!  They bring aprons, hairnets, gloves, all supplies.

Kids Against Hunger is a project that God has to smile upon.  Spread the word, do good work, do things that the Holy Spirit moves within you for the good of God.  If two small churches could do this project, anyone can.  Get with other churches, schools, groups, organizations, and package meals.  God blessed everyone that day with a warm heart, but the meals will fill bellies and warm souls with the prayers said over them that day.