Lay Servant Ministries

"The Mission of the Northwest Plains District Lay Servants is to partner with the pastor in order to enhance and extend the ministry of the local church.  The Lay Servants will seek to accomplish this by being attentive to the needs of the local church and community and by regular prayer and study."

A Lay Servant is an active member of the United Methodist Church who is eager to serve through the church in ministries of leading, caring and communicating. Any lay person may become a Lay Servant.

There are several different categories of Lay Servant Ministries, which build one upon the other. They are:

1. Local Church Lay Servant

2. Certified Lay Servant

3. Lay Speaker

4. Certified Lay Minister

All begin with being a professing member active in a local congregation or charge.

All begin with a conversation with your pastor to discuss how you are being called to lay servant ministry. 


For more information, click on a category above, or download the Lay Ministries Brochure below. 

For training opportunities, click here.

To request a Lay Speaker, contact Nancy Replogle for our southern counties or Stephen Brooks for our northern counties. The District Office has their phone numbers.