District Committee on Ministry (dCOM)

District Committee on Ordained Ministry

The Northwest Plains District Committee on Ordained Ministry walks alongside persons as they seek to discover, clarify and live out their call from God to ministry.  This may include a call to Certified Lay Ministry, ministry as a Licensed Local Pastor, or Ordained Ministry as Deacons or Elders.

Feeling called to ministry?

The first step to begin to discern a call to ministry is to obtain a copy of the book The Christian as Minister: An Exploration into the Meaning of God's Call (available at Cokesbury or from the District Office). The candidate should read this book and discuss it with their pastor. The candidate should also be a member or a baptized participant of a local UMC or other recognized UM ministry setting for one year to enter candidacy.

The next step is to write a letter to the District Superintendent [in NWP that is Rev. Barry Burns], stating that the candidate has read and discussed the book with their pastor, listing involvement in a specific UM ministry setting or local congregation, and requesting to begin the candidacy process.  Please include complete contact information (mailing address, home/work/cell phone numbers, email address). The District will then contact the candidate to help explain the process.


Dicerning a call to ministry? Visit the West Ohio Conference "Call to Ministry" page or Explore Calling at explorecalling.org

Wondering about the steps into Ordained or Licensed Ministry? Visit the West Ohio Conference "Candidacy Summit" page or download the Step by Step guide below.

Wondering about Certified Lay MInistry? Visit the NWP District CLM page

More resources can be found at the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry website gbhem.org


Current Candidates for Ministry

Every candidate in NWP is expected to complete a district goals sheets each summer. It cane be completed in Word, saved and emailed to the District Office. Or print a copy, complete in writing and mail to the District office. 

Goals Sheet

If you are a candidate still in the inquiring stage of the journey, here is a link to the forms needed prior to certification. 

Candidacy Forms 



This Holy Mystery:A United Methodist Understanding of Communion

By Water and the Spirit: A United Methodist Understanding of Baptism


DCOM Handbook Links

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