Certified Lay Servant

A Certified Lay Servant serves in and through their local congregation(s). They seek to develop skills and gifts for more effective ministry. 

To become a Certified Lay Servant:

1. Be a professing member active in your local church/charge.

2. Discuss with your pastor how you are being called into lay servant ministry.

3. Complete the Basic Lay Servant Training Course. 

4. After one year of being a Local Church Lay Servant, take one advanced course through NWP District, another West Ohio Conference district, or online at beadisciple.com

5. Complete the Lay Servant Annual Report form and the One on One form each year for charge conference.

6. Receive annual recommendation from your pastor and the church council/charge conference. 

7. Complete at least one advanced course every three years. 


Many faithful Lay Servants serve only in their local congregations and communities.

A few hear a call to take the next step, which is Lay Speaker.  For more information, click here