Certified Lay Ministry

A Certified Lay Minister is a Lay Speaker/Certified Lay Servant who has heard a call to deeper discipleship and leadership in their local congregation, community, or the district.  CLMs have a specific formation process that includes training, supervision, support and accountability. 

Here are the basic components to become a Certified Lay Minister:

1. Complete all of the steps to become a Certified Lay Servant.

2. Complete all of the steps to be approved by the conference committee on Lay Servant Ministries as a Lay Speaker.  

2. Read "The Christian as Minister" and discuss what you learned with your pastor. 

3. Complete the Certified Lay Ministry Academy.

4. Complete a Mutual Ministry Plan.

5. Interview with the District Committee on Ministry for initial certification and bi-annual renewal. 

For the complete list of Steps to Become a Certified Lay Minister, see below. 

For more information on the Certified Lay Ministry Academy, click here